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Joman Auto Service has recently opened up its own online auto parts store. Our online auto parts store is set to address these three goals:

  1. Sell the excess of used parts inventory that we accumulate from time to time.
  2. Sell automotive related fluids to the local community.
  3. Offer special deals for web customers of our products and services.

1. Excess Parts:

We often accumulate extra parts when working on larger scale projects. Parts that are verified to be in good working order and are generally offered at fair market prices. If you feel we have something for sale that is overpriced according to other similar items in the market, do not hesitate to contact us. We don't like parts sitting around any longer than necessary and we try to be reasonable.

2. Automotive Fluids:

We carry a full line of fluids to service just about every automobile on the road today. Many of the large chain stores sell generic fluids that they claim fit all of the vehicles and very rarely carry the specific fluids your car manufacturer actually calls for. We believe in using the right tools for the job at all times, which translates into using the fluids that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

We are proud to carry the highest quality:

3. Special Deals:

We are going to use our online presence to offer exclusive discounts to our customers. We will be offering very competitive prices on maintenance packages for a variety of vehicles. If you want a special package created for your vehicle, contact us and we will create something to help suit your vehicles needs.

We are looking to provide packages on these specific maintenance items:

  • Air Filters
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Rotors
  • Cabin Air Filters
  • Manufacturer Mileage Maintenance Schedules
  • Non-Synthetic Oil & Filter Change
  • Synthetic Oil & Filter Change


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