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Joman Auto Service has extensive experience when it comes to auto repair.  On our website we try to bring you the information we have learned in an organized fashion where you don't have to be an auto tech to understand what we are saying.  We are working hard to demystify and simplify auto repair for the average car owner.  We practice this daily by taking the time out to explain to our customers what their actual problems are.  With that we inform them and allow them to make educated decisions on what's best for their safety and security while on the road.

Our website is structured in this manner:

Auto Parts Store

- Joman Auto Service has begun selling quality used and new auto parts direct to local consumers.

Auto & Light Truck Repair

- This is the section of the website where we break down the different sections that encompass auto and light truck repair. In this section of our website we highlight: A/C & Heat Repair, Belts & Hoses Repair, Brake System Repair, Charging System Repair, Cooling System Repair, Engine Diagnosis & Repair, Electrical Diagnosis & Repair, Exhaust System Repair, Suspension System Repair, Starting System Repair, Steering System Repair, & Timing Component Repair.

Control Module Programming

- In this section we have begun highlighting the capacities that Joman Auto Service has that enable us to program vehicle control modules in a safe manner using the proper equipment.

Motor Vehicle Inspection

- This section explains what we know about buying a car and selling a car.  Look to this section for tips on what to do when buying and selling cars.  There is also some information regarding NJ State Inspection.  Since we are located in NJ, we are offering knowledge to our locals regarding the state process.

Preventative Maintenance

- This section explain the basics of vehicle maintenance.  There is also a sample Maintenance Service Table shown here. The basic maintenances include: Oil Change, Battery, Filters & Fluids. If you are procuring vehicle specific maintenance information, please do not hesitate to Call or email us!


- Look to this section for information regarding your tires and what you need to know about: Installation & Balance, Tire Puncture Repair, Wheel Alignments, and TPMS Systems.

Auto Repair Experience

- This section is where we highlight adverse scenarios where we tackled challenging auto repairs and successfully completed them for our customers.

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