Starting System Repair

Vehicles starting systems are slightly more complicated in today’s vehicles but have many of the same general principles.  All vehicle starting systems start with the vehicle ignition which distributes power to the rest of the car as you turn the car.  A complete key cycle will distribute power to the starter asking it to rotate the motor while the rest of the vehicles components add fuel, measure air, and check timing.

The very basic items that can affect if and how a vehicle starts are the battery and the starter.  Both of which may give warning signs that they are I need of replacement.  If you notice that your vehicle is turning over slower in the mornings when you begin the day it may be time to have your battery checked to see if it needs to be charged or replaced.  At other times you may try to start your car and hear a click with a failure to start or maybe even a loud “ZING” type noise.  Generally the first signs of a starter in need of replacement.  Other starting system items are less common to have issues and generally happen as the vehicle ages.  Some can be prevented through maintenance others can be as simple as keeping one key on your ignition key chain to keep from wearing the ignition key.

At Joman Auto Service we have had the same supplier remanufacturing OEM starters for us for well over 20 years.  Remanufacturing the original equipment ensure you will not have a problem for many years to come instead of using cheap and sometimes unreliable aftermarket parts.  For your vehicles battery we are a authorized distributor of AC Delco and Interstate Batteries, both manufacturers which stand by their product and ensure many worry free years of service.  When facing other starting system issues every vehicle must be approached on a case by case basis determining if and when aftermarket parts are available and if it is the best decision.

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