Charging System Repair

Your vehicles charging system is one that generally doesn’t give too many warnings before having problems. Some older vehicles may have charging gauges and even come new vehicles have message control centers that can warn the drivers when things are not up to snuff.  However, with careful attention to your vehicle while doing every day driving you may notice the warning signs before it’s too late.

Here are some things you can look for:

  • Does the vehicle seem to start slower than it once did?
  • Are your headlights dim while driving at night?
  • Do you notice the lights becoming dim and bright constantly while stopped at night with the vehicle running?
  • Does your vehicle have a mind of its own when you turn everything on? A/C, lights, wipers, radio, etc?
  • These are the warning signs that your charging system should be checked. 

At Joman Auto Service we can check your charging and starting system in a few short minutes with a print out of our findings available to you.  Call or email us to schedule your appointment today.