Auto & Light Truck Repair

No matter how diligent you are with preventative car maintenance, the day will come when a repair is needed.  Repairs can and will vary in price from one auto repair facility to the next.  This is because of several reasons; the simplest could be the overhead cost of one shop on a main street vs the competitor who may be slightly off the beaten path.  However, this is not always the case, generally repairs vary in price because of the actual work being done.  For example; if you go to one auto repair facility and receive a $300 quote to change your timing belt and another quotes you $550… you can rest assured overhead cost is probably not the only factor there.  Ask for written quotes when possible (may have to be paid for) and compare everything from quality of parts to being used, actual parts being used, labor rates, and extras.

You will find they are not alike in any way.  One auto repair facility may use low quality auto parts while the other may use OEM or equivalent auto parts.  Another difference might be warranty; one can offer a 12,000 mile/12 month warranty while the other may offer no warranty.  Often referred to as the “tail light” warranty, meaning once they can’t see your “tail light”, the warranty is up.  Some industry humor if you will.

Regardless of who does the repair, please always be aware of what you are paying for and what you are getting for your almighty dollar.  Not all shops are the same and not everyone has a vested interest in your best interest.  At Joman Auto Service we try to explain everything we can to our customers so they are comfortable with is being done to their car and they know what to expect over the long term.  

We don’t believe in run off the mill repairs, we like to do things right the first time.  We not only want you as a customer, we want you to tell everyone else why they should be our customer.  Your referral is the best form of advertisement we have, and we earn it every step of the way with our business practices and quality of work.  Every recommendation we make in regards to auto repair is with your safety, vehicle operation, and budget constraints in mind.

We use providers like Identifix, AllData, and iATN to deliver the highest quality of repair procedures available to today’s technicians.  Before tackling 100% of auto repair in our facility we sit and do some basic reading to check for manufacturer bulletins and common issues that may be attributed to the issues you are presently concerned with.  Often times finding recalls that may have been missed and making appointments for you at a local dealership free of charge to address such issues.  These practices alone with our work practices is what sets us apart.