Cooling System Repair

Cooling system is generally thought of as the important function that the antifreeze/coolant provides for the vehicles engine.  The coolant is run through your vehicle by several components; water pump, hoses, radiator, heater core, and thermostat just to name a few. Checking the overflow container and the radiator when the vehicle is cold is recommended once a month for vehicles with no known issues.  If your car has cooling issues, more frequent checks are recommended.  Your engine cooling system is also used to cool your engines oil and provide the passenger compartment with heat.  That means that there can be several areas where a fault can occur.  Check where you park your vehicle for spots that are there after you leave.  This can help you determine what’s leaking and where it might be coming from.

Your vehicle has several “cooling” systems that you may or may not be aware of.   Along with cooling the engine, some vehicles have systems that cool the transmission, engine oil, and even the power steering fluid.  Some function independently and others utilize the radiator as a “one stop shop” for their cooling needs.  Failure to maintain a radiator properly can lead to transmission failure, we have seen this several times.
At Joman Auto Service we look at the whole picture and help you completely evaluate the concerns of cutting corners when doing repairs.  Sometimes, a small corner won’t affect major components and can help save you some money in the interim.  Other times some corners don’t pay to cut, they can compromise the integrity of the vehicle and put you at risk along with the added expenses of other repairs.

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