Steering System Repair

Steering system and its components are generally a maintenance free item that is replaced when you notice problems while driving the car.  You may notice the steering wheel shake or wobble at certain speeds, which is usually the first sign your tie rods are in need of replacement.  The only real preventative maintenance that can be done is to flush/replace the power steering fluid.  If your car is prone to rack and pinion or steering pump problems you may want to stay ahead of this by changing the fluid more frequently that the manufacturer recommends.  This will help ensure a longer life span for these components.  

Heavier duty vehicles will have a much larger scale of components that may need to be greased on a regular basis.  There are also a few more components involved such as the steering box.  Some of them can be serviced periodically to avoid failure.

Signs that the system may need to be serviced would include:

  • Whining/Whirring sound while turning
  • Frequent addition of power steering fluid
  • Spots found where the vehicle is parked towards the rear of the engine compartment
  • Steering wheel wobble or shake while driving
  • Creaks or knocks that can be heard inside the car while turning the steering wheel

At Joman Auto Service we tend to use AC Delco steering components for tie rods and adjustment sleeves where applicable and remanufactured components for the power steering pump or rack and pinion.  This combination has ensured our customers peace of mind in their travels and components that are made to last once again.  Call or email us today to schedule an appointment to have your steering system checked and repaired.