Catalytic Converter Replacement

Having your catalytic converter system replaced can be an expensive repair. Luckily catalytic converters are made by aftermarket manufacturers for a wide variety of vehicles, however certain states like California and New York have very specific legislation regarding the replacement of catalytic converters.  Be sure to check the regulations for the state you live in before performing catalyst system repairs.

Some common reasons for replacing a catalytic converter would be the diagnostic codes P0420 and P0430 stored in your cars' engine control computer. While these codes indicate that you likely have a problem with catalyst efficiency, they don't always mean that you need new catalytic converters.

Have your vehicle inspected by a trusted auto repair facility before performing this service. There are also several things to consider when replacing the catalytic converter. Feel free to read up on other potential repairs that need should be considered when replacing a catalytic converter.  At Joman Auto Service we are very experienced in catalytic converter repair and diagnosing other engine issues you may have. We have extensive equipment to help us narrow your exact problem down and we use the best available practices to recommend the proper fix for your vehicle.

Here are some instances where Joman Auto has helped other customers with their catalytic converter system repairs:

2002 Nissan Altima Catalytic Converter Replacement

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