Automotive Batteries

Modern car batteries have reduced maintenance requirements.  Older car batteries would provide caps for addition of water to the cells with distilled water.  Most newer style car batteries include extra electrolyte above the plates to allow for losses during the battery life.

Types of batteries:

  • Flooded Cell – Can be maintained by adding water
  • Sealed Battery – Cannot be maintained but can be charged
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) - Cannot be maintained but can be charged
  • Deep Cycle – Can be maintained & charged
  • Lithium Ion Battery – Mainly seen in exotic cars – cannot be maintained

At Joman Auto Service we carry a full line of AC Delco & Interstate Batteries.  We are also aware that there are vehicles that require special care and at times even OEM batteries only.  Every vehicle we work on has a 15-minute “research time” allotted to the tech so he can read before he dives in.  This small amount of time helps us to ensure we are using the manufacturer recommended practices for all vehicles. Resulting in a much higher customer satisfaction rate and less time spent ordering the wrong parts or performing the service in an incorrect manner.  Which can lead to electrical problems in today’s vehicles resulting in lost time and unhappy customers.