Timing Component Repair

The timing components are often some of the most over looked because they aren’t visible in most if not all instances.  These components are generally hidden behind covers that can take hours to remove and inspect.  Every vehicle will have either a timing belt or a timing chain to ensure the crankshaft and the camshafts are spinning at a pace that ensures optimal engine performance.  

Timing belts typically require more attention as they need to be replaced on a manufacturer recommended timetable to avoid catastrophic failure.  Most manufacturers recommend replacing such components every 60,000 to 80,000 miles, we completely agree with this.  Ignoring timing component services can lead to bending your valves or damaging pistons on many cars made today.  Particularly on vehicle with what is known as an “Interference Engine”.    Those types of engines found in domestic and imported vehicles will cause internal engine damage that can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.  

Timing chains generally have a reputation to hold out for much longer periods of time before needing service.  However there is a misconception that they “do not need service”.  Timing assemblies have gears and tensioners that will wear regardless of the car.  It is recommended that every 100,000 miles you check your timing chain assembly and replace any hydraulic tensioners within the assembly.  This will prevent gear and chain wear that will occur over time.  If you own your vehicle or a vehicle past 150,000 miles and plan on keeping it for years to come, you may want to consider having the chain replaced.

Timing component services are generally more expensive for a few reasons.  In most cases we will use OEM equipment or aftermarket equipment that may exceed OEM specifications.  There is always the case of “while you’re in there” with timing services as well.  Since it is such a major service your mechanic has access to many items that are easily replaced, like the water pump for example.  Replacing these items while the timing component services are being performed does more than give you peace of mind; it can save you thousands of dollars and days of time being down without a car.

While such items can add incremental costs to the initial repair, the cost of labor, towing, and perhaps other incidents that can occur pale in comparison.  At Joman Auto Service we break everything down for you and help you make a decision that will benefit you financially and keep your car safely operating.  We show you the available options with the available parts and let you decide what fits best into your budget.

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