State Motor Vehicle Inspection

In NJ non-commercial vehicles are only required to pass “emissions” inspections. Basically meaning that if your check engine light is on, you should have it fixed prior to getting your vehicle inspected or you will fail and have to have the vehicle fixed regardless to pass inspection. Also, if when you turn your vehicles ignition to the “ON” or “II” position, without starting the car, the Check Engine Light must come on for about 5 seconds and then turn off. This indicates that the vehicles monitoring system is fully functional and if the light is not illuminated the vehicle should pass emissions inspection without fanfare. Please be aware that many vehicles prior to 1996 are not OBD II compliant and may not have a “Check Engine Light”. Most vehicles prior to 1987 do not have any type of “Check” or “Check Engine Light”, with exception to BMW & Mercedes vehicles.

Commercial vehicles in NJ are required to pass a more rigorous state inspection. These vehicles also have emissions checked. In addition to the emissions, there is a safety inspection involving the inspection of; Brakes, Lights, Suspension, Wipers, Mirrors, and Glass to name a few. If you have a commercial vehicle, feel free to schedule a pre-inspection verification. This will save you making multiple trips for simple things such as “lights” and waiting hours on an inspection line over and over again.

Feel free to call or email us making your appt for a pre-inspection check or schedule for us to check any existing problems and give you a full report on recommended fixes.